Photography is my passion.

While appreciating digital imaging, I prefer traditional black and white photography. Still today, after so many years, I am thrilled when a print slowly appears in the developer tray.
I also have a strong interest in the so-called "alternative" processes, where the artist's skilfulness and the materials used are an essential part of an activity that is as much a craft as it is an art.. But technique isn't the main thing: when pictures are only assessing the technical skills of the photographer, they're pointless. That's why I decided to stay away from photoclubs – where discussions are usually more about how taking a picture than why – and created the “PEPS” (“Photographie Expressive, Photographie Subjective”) photography collective with some photographers considering themselves as “emotion transmitters” rather than “image makers”.
I launched also Picto Benelux, a group of photographers specializing in historic photographic processes.   –   More info: BIO (pdf)

Jacques Kevers