Nelly Avila

Her passion for books, illustration, paper and poetry led her to create books as objects, artists' books. Beautyful papers with their smell, their touch of their own, their soft shades or bright colors, are pleated, folded, ripped, colored, drawn, enriched with words and thoughts to give birth to unique surprises - books to share, emotions to feel , moments to offer, infinite moments to retain. Additional info: click here

Gigi Warny

Born in Bruges, she got a degree in psychology at UCL, and is self-taught sculptor. Her works are often inspired by her children. Shaped in clay, they are finally cast in bronze in Italy, or at the Inverness Art Foundry (Quebec) before populating public places, homes or private gardens. Among her most famous works in Louvain la Neuve: "Leon and Valerie" (1984), "Graduating Hand" (1995) at the university square, and "Hitchhiker" (1999) at the great Aula . Visit her website