“PARIS CITY WALK: there's no such thing as solitude?”

Loneliness doesn't exist, as Gilbert Bécaud's song goes.
Was it eradicated in our ultra-connected society? So what are we to make of the people who have their noses glued to their screens, in restaurants, on the street, in front of a venue they'd rather photograph than look at? Do we still know how to laugh, talk and share?
Loneliness can be inflicted, suffered, even to the point of social isolation: feeling misunderstood, left out, excluded, ignored... But of course we can also feel the need or the desire to isolate ourselves for a while, alone or with someone else: moments of intimacy where the world around us no longer exists, opening a book for a journey to another place, concentrating on an activity we enjoy or relaxing after a busy day... Loneliness can be a pleasant experience if you know it is temporary and can be interrupted at any time...

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