“Doel: a sacrificed village?”

The upheaval of a landscape, an environment, a biotope, based on purely economic considerations: this also happens here, right next door...
The village of Doel, quietly nestled on the left bank of the Schelde, is threatened with extinction. Sandwiched between the nuclear power plant and the expansion plans of the port of Antwerp, exposed to the eagerness of local and regional political actors, the village saw its living space continually reduced, and the everyday life of its inhabitants "rotten" by at least questionable maneuvers.
This charming village, with its 17th century buildings and artwork, and its checkerboard pattern almost unique in Belgium, is exposed to vandalism and orchestrated destruction. The inhabitants on the other hand put every effort to rehabilitate, to develop and revive the "dignity" and "beauty" of their village...
Cultural initiatives are numerous, varied and successful.
How will the landscape look like in a few years?

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