... From a short distance, any object – especially one that has aged with time, work and wear – radiates a presence that can be perceived as internal, while at the same time, through its weight, materiality and colour, it allows us to experience it in a very sensual, very material way. Through this emanation, the space between the objects becomes very real, tactile, and sometimes its presence seems stronger than the form – as with Morandi, for example.
[...] When space takes on this importance, the viewer enters into this intimacy, and then all relationships change, become reversed: a small world becomes large, sometimes objects become voids in which depths open up: exterior and interior, figure and abstraction are no longer opposed...
Translated from Catalogue text "Le regard et l'objet" 1993 - in "Je suis ce que je vois" - Alexandre Hollan, ed. érès, 2015.

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