“SAPATES”, or the ineffable thickness of things

(Sapate: old french term for a valuable present concealed under a much less precious appearance.)

Under the banal appearances of beings and things, treasures are hidden. The essence is invisible...
You are invited to open, to explore, to rediscover them beyond their materiality, their contours and reliefs. But beware! You will have to push many interior doors, starting points for wanderings through the thickness of things.
Traces of bodies, objects, places that the photographer decided to fix on paper. Time, imperturbable and inescapable, has left its imprint in successive layers, transforming them into palimpsestes telling us what was, what is, what will be. Memories of going back and forth, uncertain futures...

The appearance contains the watermark of the announced disappearance. Construction, destruction, reconstruction: is transformation not the fundamental ingredient of life, a questioning of duration and moment?
“To give things a duration, a form, a thickness, so that we can see them from several angles at once and that we can observe them as a spectacle”, that's the role Robert Escarpit attributed to books. It could also be the role of photography.